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Porta Samaira
Door to Wisdom

Unlock Your Future with Psychic Intuitive & Tarot

Porta is an experienced psychic & tarot card reader from the U.S. West Coast. Today she resides in the beautiful Algarve of Portugal. She offers in person, by phone and video readings. With over 20 years experience at psychic fairs, on psychic phone lines and with ongoing repeat private clients 

Tarot Cards
Candle Burning Ritual
Crystal Ball
Tarot Reading

Explore the hidden truths of your past, present, and future with a tarot reading session by Porta Samaira. She will guide you through the process and help you make sense of the symbols and messages from the cards.

Connect with your departed loved ones and receive their messages of love, guidance, and support through a clairvoyant mediumship session with Porta Samaira. Her ability to communicate with spirits will bring you comfort and closure.

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Understand the dynamics of your relationships and gain valuable insights into your partner's feelings, thoughts, and intentions with a relationship reading session by Porta Samaira. She will provide you with the guidance and clarity you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones.


Service Fees:

- 15 minutes - 30 EURO/ $35

- 30 minutes - 50 EURO/ $55

- 60 minutes - 80 Euro/ $85

Payments Accepted: PayPal, IBAN (Portugal)

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